Hot or Cold Therapy? How to Use Them. March Top Tip.

Hot or Cold Therapy? How to use them? I am often asked about this

Hot or Cold Therapy? How to use them? I am often asked about this and in my experience both have a place in rehab.

Re-Usable Hot / Cold Pack
Re-Usable Hot / Cold Pack

March Top Tip

Hot or Cold Therapy? How to use them? I am often asked about this and in my experience both have a place in rehab. My advice is to experiment. Find what works best for you in the situation and circumstances you find yourself in.


Do you have an injury? Is it acute or chronic? What type of pain or sensation is it? What do you naturally want to do? Rub it or hold and support it? The list goes on!

Cold Therapy

Cold therapy, will cool an area down by lowering the temperature, reducing blood supply to the affected area and therefore preventing swelling or helping to reduce the swelling and bruising. It is believed the lower temperature helps to block pain receptors in the brain switching off the sensation of pain in that area.

To use cold / ice safely, always wrap it in a damp tea towel and then place it on the area. Leave it in place for 10-15 mins, probably no more than 20 minutes at a time. Never place ice directly on the skin because it can cause an ice burn. Repeat every couple of hours as necessary.

Hot Therapy

Heat therapy, will increase circulation and blood supply to the affected area. This increase can bring comfort and reduce the sensation of pain. As a result, heat is good for muscle aches an joint pain.

To  apply heat safely: wrap the hot water bottle in a towel or cover before placing on the skin. Make sure it is not too hot to burn yourself and set the timer for up to 15 minutes. Repeat every couple of hours. Be careful not to overuse heat as it can cause congestion and more discomfort in the affected area.


Both have their place in first aid, rehab and prevention. Try them both and see which one you benefit from the most.

Stay safe and if you need any help or rehab information, please get in touch.

Not Skipping In September, join me…

In line with the Live Longer and Stronger campaign I ran on my social media in August, my main aim is to improve my eating habits in my own Not Skipping in September challenge. (Other aims are exercise and wellness related.)

Not skipping in September. Daily walks boost your health, well being and mental health.
Daily walks keep the Doctor at bay…

Not Skipping In September

Welcome to Not Skipping in September.

September has arrived already and with it the opportunity to set new goals, tasks, challenges or whatever you want to call them. 

What are you not skipping in September

In line with the Live Longer and Stronger campaign I ran on my social media in August, my main aim is to improve my eating habits in my own Not Skipping in September challenge. (Other aims are exercise and wellness related.) 

I noticed I was starting to skip meals / snacks during the day or just  I would just forget to eat.

So what?

Highs and Lows

Your body does not appreciate this! As it is constantly striving to keep your blood sugars level and stable throughout the day.

One noticeable downside is you hit peaks and troughs in your energy levels which leads you to wanting a quick boost.

That piece of cake or those extra biscuits or energy drink, you grab to tide you over, these can lead to an energy high and inevitable low, mood swings and potential unwanted weight gain through the excess sugar intake.

Did you know the body constantly tests your blood sugar levels?

It is checking to to see how high or low your blood sugar levels are.

If there is too much sugar the pancreas will release the hormone Insulin to lower the sugar levels. If the levels are too low, the pancreas will release Glucagon another hormone to increase it to a normal level. 

This is where the peaks and troughs come in as your energy increases or is depleted.

Type ll Diabetes

There is a major link to Type 11 Diabetes in response to a high sugar diet, lack of exercise and poor lifestyle choices. Sadly, this condition is still on the rise.  

Do you have breakfast?

This is one meal I cannot miss whatever the time I have it. It sets me up for the day. The reason it is breakfast is because you are breaking the fast that you have had whilst sleeping.

It is usually an ideal time to fill up your fuel tank before you get going. 

Of course, it doesn’t suit everyone but what you consume could be as simple as a smoothie, a piece of fruit or more traditional cereals, toast or cooked meals. The key is as always to find what works for you. 

So why not experiment this month and join me in your own September challenge.

Consider some of my main principles, eat as well as you can, move more and do something that makes you happy everyday.  

I’d love to hear how you get on and what changes you make. Here is the  Live Longer and Stronger campaign, in case you missed it. 

Until next time, stay safe, stay well and be happy! 🙂 

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Do you control your bounce…or does your bounce control you????

Do you have control of your bounce when exercising or does your bounce control the exercise you do? A sports bra is designed to limit movement. Being in control of your bounce, you can reduce your back / neck and shoulder pain along with increasing your performance, support and security.

Control your bounce……, not your Tigger impulses, I’m talking about how you control your bounce when exercising.

Do you have control of your bounce when exercising or does your bounce control the exercise you do?

A sports bra is not just for sport. It can be worn for daily life.

Get Control of Your Bounce

A sports bra is designed to limit movement. Being in control of your bounce, you can reduce your back / neck and shoulder pain along with increasing your performance, support and security.

8/10 women are wearing the wrong sized bra!

44% of women don’t wear one for their activity!

83% of unwanted movement can be reduced by wearing a correctly fitting sports bra.

Control your bounce.
Get control of your bounce

Types, Makes, Models…..

You name the activity, there will be a bra to suit it. Name your colour, it will be there! Nowadays, even odd shape breasts, pregnancy or post surgery can be accommodated too.

Low impact, medium impact and high impact are available depending on the level of impact your activity has. So, Yoga, Pilates would require a low impact bra and some gym activities a medium impact bra, but sports like running, netball, equestrianism definitely need high impact to reduce the bounce.

Now you have chosen the right impact level, let’s think about the rest!

  • shape/ model: racer back, traditional
  • size (more about that below)
  • fastening: front or rear
  • straps, shoulder or cross over
  • materials, wicking, cotton, padded, airtex, net/mesh
  • Style: underwired, moulded cups
  • Purpose: running, yoga, mastectomy, pregnancy, cycling
  • budget
  • colour


How to measure correctly yourself.

  • Using a tape measure
  • Measure under the bust, this will give you the Band size
  • Measure around the fullest part of your bust for your Cup size.
  • Use size guide in store or online to find the correct bra size for you.
  • You can get this done for you in some stores

Extend the life span of your bra

Apparently, your bra does not appreciate some the ways we do or do not look after it!

Whilst researching for this piece, all the information stated, follow the manufacturers washing guidelines. Who does that??!

Let’s be sensible for a minute.

These items cost money and if we don’t over heat them on a hot wash in the washing machine, wash underwired by hand and don’t put them in the tumble dryer, they will actually last longer meaning our money goes further. (food for thought..)

Time to change?

How do you know?

Simple, there is physical wear and tear.

It has lost it’s support or the elastic is now loose.

It doesn’t fit or feel as comfortable as day one.

You change your activity and start starting with a different impact level

Weight loss

Muscle gain

Body shape changes

Monthly cycles may affect your fit throughout the month too


So ladies, there you go. Control your bounce so your bounce doesn’t control / limit your exercise.

Take time to consider the points above, measuring, fitting, activity, impact and materials when choosing your next bra.

Research the multitude of makes, models and reviews before you buy and take your time.

At the end of the day, you have to wear it all day and you should be able to forget you have even got one on if it is the right fit for you.

Go forth and bounce but under your own control!!

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Love your spine. Care for your back.

Love your spine and care for your back. Spinal health is so important. Well where would you be without it???

Love your spine.

Love your spine. Care for back – anatomy – working from home – sleeping

Love your spine and care for your back
Love your spine, care for your back

Love Your Spine

Spinal health is so important. Well where would you be without it???

How many ?

33 bones, 5 sections and lots of muscles which all have long names!

Your pelvis has 3 bones and likes being kept in a level neutral position. Rather like a bowl of water if you tip it forward or backwards you spill the water. If you tilt your pelvis forward or backwards for too long, your back muscles will become tired and sore.

Love your spine when working from home

When working from home consider:

  • Screen height – is it on eye level
  • Suitable seating – a beanbag is not ideal!
  • Move every 30 minutes, get up and walk around the house, go up and down the stairs a couple of times….
  • The position your spine is in when you are working, it is upright and each bone one on top of the other? This is the ideal BUT without excessive tension to maintain the position.
  • You may need a foot rest to create a comfortable position
  • Avoid lying on the sofa with the laptop resting on your knees, it may be comfortable for a few minutes but not long term

Love your spine when sleeping

Love your spine, care for your back when sleeping too
Sleep zzzzzzz

There are no rights or wrongs but you need to be comfortable and supported in order to maximise the quality of your sleep. The key is to find what works for you.

Sleep allows the body time to heal, repair and restore itself. The brain will ‘defrag’ itself, filing information and deleting unnecessary data. This is part of the reason we dream as the brains sorts itself out ready for the next day.

Most mattresses should be turned on a monthly basis and renewed approximately every 8-10 years.

If you get up in the morning and you hurt, are sore or you just didn’t sleep very well, it may time to change.

Pillows are a very personal thing too. They can be made of memory foam, feathers, orthopaedic pillows are available too. Support and keeping the spine in natural alignment are important.

Pillows are also really useful as bolsters. One idea is to use a pillow between the knees to stop the pelvis rolling forward and twisting the spine, which could help reduce back pain if you sleep in this position.


So please love your spine and care for your back, it doesn’t like being treated like a Jenga puzzle. Please be kind to it, move it regularly every day and support it when you are sitting or lying down.

Walking Improves Your Health, try 10 minutes a day

Yes, as little as 10 minutes a day will improve your fitness and health

Walking improves your health. Even 10 minutes a day will make a difference.

Walking improves health. Kirsty and her black dog walking along the farm lane.
Striding out!

Still don’t believe that walking improves your health, even in 10 minutes a day?

What is 10 minutes a day walking going to do for me? Is it really worth the effort? You ask…… Well, YES, it is!


If I said could you could reduce your risk of many of the major illnesses, you could live a longer, healthier life, feel less stressed, be able to complete all the challenges on your bucket list, then would you be tempted to try 10 minutes walking a day to improve your health?

5 Health Benefits of 10 Minutes Walking a Day

  • 35% lower risk of coronary heart disease and stroke
  • 50% lower risk of Type 2 Diabetes
  • 30% lower risk of early death
  • Lower risk of many types of cancer
  • Lower risk of bone problems, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, fractures

There are plenty more benefits but I will save those for another day!

I don’t have time to walk

Yes, you can! Building 10 minutes into your day is really quite easy. No, it doesn’t mean you have to go out in full hiking gear or trail hopelessly round and round the neighbourhood.

I do like to be helpful and find suggestions to make it easy for you, so I have given you 3 simple ideas to think about below.

  1. Have you considered getting off the bus, tram or tube one stop earlier and walking the last part of your journey to work? That still counts towards your daily activity.
  2. How about you walk part of the way to school with your children? Even if you park the car at the end of the school road instead of right outside the gates? Yes, it will still count.
  3. Lastly, shopping. Park your car as far away from the entrance as possible. Want a two for one offer? Think about all the extra calories you will burn pushing the trolly back to the car. Plus, your car will probably get less dents from other vehicles too!


We should all be aiming for 150 minutes a week but if that fills you with horror, please don’t panic every minute you walk will make a difference to your health, heart and stamina. In time, you will see how walking improves your health. Build up slowly, try and get the whole family involved then you can compare the differences you all achieve.

Why not let me know how you get on, all the contact links are on the page. I am always happy to share more advice and suggest ingenious ways to help you get started and feel better. If you have read this and live in Cowfold, you might pass me in the fields walking with Haggis, do say hello.

Eat your way to health, boost your immune system to strengthen your defences.

Yes, you can eat your way to health and wellness.
Boost your immune system by topping up your fluids regularly throughout the day to stay well hydrated.
Boost your immune system by keeping your body moving.

This article has advice on how you can eat your way to health and wellness.

Yes, you can eat your way to health and wellness.


  • Aim to have a variety of colours in every meal.
  • What do you mean by colours? Vegetables and fruits provide this range of colour and each has its own nutritional benefits.
  • Eat more vegetables than fruit, this will help to reduce your sugar intake which has health benefits of its own. Win Win!!

Boosting your immune system is vital so that your natural defences are as strong as possible. This will enable your body to fight against all the bad guys life throws at us.

The good guys and the baddies

Antioxidants are the good guys or soldiers in our bodies who fight the baddies.

Free radicals are the baddies who invade our systems.

Examples of free radicals

  • Pollution
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria

Activities we choose to undertake, smoking, poor food choices, drinking alcohol all have a negative effect on our health and have free radical elements.

Fitness must be included as a negative effect on the body. Really? Yes, it does!

Exercising creates damage in the muscles. The positive comes from the way the body channels this damage and turns it into positive strength, health and fitness gains by repairing and strengthening itself.

If you tear a piece of material and you sew it back together, the stitching makes that area stronger. This is what the body does to repair the micro tears in the muscles that you create through your training sessions.


The Eatwell Guide in full colour. A handy guide to ensure your daily intake of nutrients and the healthy amounts. 
Does your daily intake look like this?
Eatwell Guide

Eat your way to health. Think about your plate containing a rainbow of colourful foods.

Green, reds, yellows, blues and all the variations of those colours help to supply a variety of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to keep you healthy.

Green and orange foods provide Vitamin A which is an antioxidant. This is essential for cell structure, repair of body tissues and normal vision.

Top up your vitamin C too with some oranges, tomatoes, sweet potato and even milk which contains small amounts of Vitamin C. This is needed to protect the cells from damage, helps iron to be absorbed by the body and for the structure and optimal function of muscles.

How many of these colours can you get on your plate throughout the day? I am not suggesting you try and achieve this in one meal, spread the different colours out across your meals.

The other point to remember is to vary the colourful foods you choose. Broccoli one day and maybe spinach the next. Experiment with different vegetables and find new recipes to cook and ways of including them in your nutrition.

Below are some links to creditable websites which have more information if you are interested in learning more.

Water Water Water!

Glass of sparkling water with slices of fresh cucumber for flavour. Boost your immune system with water soluble vitamins and minerals as a way to health.
Sparkling water with fresh cucumber for flavour

Boost your immune system by topping up your fluids regularly throughout the day to stay well hydrated.

Your body is made up of about 70% water, which is why staying hydrated is important on a daily basis.

It is generally accepted we should drink about 2 litres a day. More if you are exercising or it is hot weather.

Tea and coffee can contribute to your daily intake but be aware you may need to go to the toilet more often due to the caffeine content.

Ideally, try and keep fizzy or carbonated drinks to a minimum. Their sugar content is pretty high and not the best way to hydrate on a regular basis.

If you find plain water boring and I do sometimes, jazz it up by adding some fruit or veg to it to give it some more taste and flavour.

Set yourself a challenge and see if you can increase your daily water intake. It might be a good idea to get the whole family involved.

Even if you can manage 1 extra glass of water a day, it will help your system function more efficiently.

Let me know your favourite flavours….. today, mine is cucumber.

Cucumber has water soluble vitamins, so they dissolve in the water, extra boost for me!

Strengthen your defences naturally and easily. Water Water Water!

Full Flight!

Get Moving!

Boost your immune system by keeping your body moving.

In previous klogs, I have written about the importance and value of moving your body. 10 minutes a day can make a difference to how you feel physically and mentally.

Your immune system will benefit from this daily movement as well.

The fitter you are physically, the fitter your immune system will be. Movement increases your circulation. That means your blood supply which is the transport system that carries nutrients, water and other goodies around your body is more efficient and effective.

If you can move every day especially outdoors you can get a hit of valuable Vitamin D as well. Your immune system enjoys Vitamin D naturally not from supplements but from sunlight. It doesn’t mean blazing sunshine either a cloudy day will still have benefits.


So, in summary, eat your way to health and boost your immune system by eating a range of colours in your daily eating habits to get as many vitamins and minerals as you can. Drink plenty of water every day even one extra glass a day will help and lastly keep moving. Walking, dancing, swimming whatever you enjoy! If you are at home walk around the house and the garden every move you make will benefit your overall health, wellness and mental health.

Start to Strengthen Your Defences Today!

I hope this has given you some useful ideas and tips and if you want to ask me anything please get in touch. K. 🤗

I would run 500 miles…When to replace your tyres…

How often should you change your trainers? 500 miles? 300 miles? Every 6 months?? There is much to consider.

I would run 500 miles
Ready to go…. 500 miles

I would run 500 miles or would I?

If I run 500 miles, should I change my trainers if they don’t seem to be worn out?

How often should you change your trainers? 500 miles? 300 miles? Every 6 months?? There is much to consider.

A blanket 300 -500 miles is not the answer.

I haven’t found any solid evidence to support the 300 -500 mileage claim. Maybe they are just very clever at marketing and this has now become an accepted belief!

It could you take years to reach 500 miles and your trainers might have disintegrated naturally by then or you are an elite runner and it only takes you a few weeks to clock up 500 miles.

I would run 500 miles

How do you know when to replace them?

I have spoken to runners and coaches and in my experience too:

  • When they no longer feel as good / supportive/ comfortable as the first time you wore them.
  • Your feet hurt during or after a run
  • If you can see physical damage


Should they all withstand 500 miles?

I suggest you find shoes that fit you in length and in width. The name, the make, the logo is irrelevant as long as the shoe is suitable to meet your exercise regime.

Width is important as your feet will inevitably get hotter during your exercise session. There is nothing worse than pins and needles in your feet when you are running.

Like me you may end up with several pairs in use. They recommend rotating which pair you will and try to avoid wearing the same pair day after day but not everyone can afford that luxury.

Wet Foot Test

  • The link in the heading above will show you how to do a simple test at home to give an indication of the type of feet you have.
  • Get a large clean piece of paper and place it on the floor
  • Wet one foot and place it on the paper
  • The outline of your foot will be left on the paper.
  • Repeat on the other side

Invest time

When you need to replace your shoes, find a reputable running shop in your area. Set aside enough time for your visit.

A good shop will

  • Offer treadmill / gait analysis to determine the right shoe for you
  • Offer a range of makes and models to suit your needs and budget
  • Know what they are talking about. Most of the staff are highly experienced runners and competitors.

Gait analysis analyses the way your foot touches the ground. Neutral, Pronators, Over Pronators all terms you may hear.

They should ask you about the surfaces you run on, tarmac, grass, track and trail, fells, woodland, how often you run and for how long, your experience are you new to running or a seasoned runner.

This is where the treadmill and video playback is so useful. You can see what actually happens, does you foot roll inwards, roll outwards, do you run on the ball of your foot, are you a heavy heel plantar (like me, you’d think a herd of elephants were behind you!) The surfaces your run on, tarmac, grass, fell, woodland……

This is why you need time when you invest in a new pair. Take your favourite socks with you too, that may affect your fitting otherwise.

Once you have your ‘ideal’ pair, there is nothing to stop you buying them online. Last year’s models are often available cheaper than this year’s. A foot ball club changes its kit regularly and the shoe manufacturers do the same. I don’t care if I am wearing last years model in purple rather than this years blue pair. They will still do the job and get dirty!

Please Stop Torturing Your Trainers!

They really don’t like or enjoy a jolly in the washing machine. It breaks down the materials and structural designs of the shoe and isn’t all that good for your machine either.

By the way, they don’t appreciate tumble dryers either!

If they get muddy, leave them to dry naturally and and give them a good brush off when they are dry.

If they are really filthy, sponge them off and leave them to dry.

It is a good idea to air your trainers after each use as well.


I would run 500 miles?

So, would I run 500 miles in the same pair of shoes? Probably! I know how many miles I run each week but I don’t always wear the same pair. I barely ran through the winter this year (2019-2020) as it was so wet and miserable, so the trainers from early autumn had a holiday until the springtime. There is nothing wrong with them after their break in the darkness of the cupboard under the stairs! I like to think, that they were hibernating for the winter!

If your feet hurt or your performance reduces, then maybe that is a sign!

I hope this has given you an insight into what to consider when you next change your shoes. If you have any comments, please pop them below, have a nosy round the website while you are here!

The link to the article I used is below as well.

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Home Exercise and Fitness. Ideas and Ways to Stay Fit at Home.

Home Exercise and Fitness
Home exercise and fitness kit

Home Exercise and Fitness Made Easy

Honestly, home exercise and fitness is not difficult, complicated or expensive.

You don’t need lots of room, fancy equipment or clothing to exercise at home.

If you have got yourself and a small space you can still achieve a great workout.

How to exercise and stay fit at home

Home items you can utilise instead of equipment.

  • Stairs for cardio fitness
  • Steps for leg strengthening
  • Water Bottles for weights
  • Tennis Balls
  • Footballs

If you have got any fitness kit then that is great.

  • Dumbbells
  • Swiss Balls
  • Stability Discs
  • Bosu
  • Suspension Trainer
  • Therapeutic Bands
  • Skipping rope
  • Hoola Hoop
  • Boxing gloves and pads

Be Safe

If you are new to exercising, take it slowly and if it hurts STOP straight away and seek medical advice.

This is your home workout….

You can make it as easy or as hard as you want and you chose whether you want impact or not. You know your own fitness levels and what you want to achieve.

As most of you know I enjoy my workouts and try to do some form of activity everyday, so, I would say I am fairly fit for what I want to do.

The beauty of fitness is that it should be designed for you and not ‘Fred’ next door or ‘Betty’ down the road, just you and your goals at your pace to suit your lifestyle.

If it doesn’t fit with this it won’t work and you won’t want to stick to it.

Home exercise and fitness
Training shoes, ready for  home fitness session
Training Shoes ready for home exercise

My routine today

Warm Up: Walking on the spot, building up to jogging on the spot

Exercises included: press ups, step ups, mountaineers, knee lifts, ‘hot feet’ (running on the spot really fast!) hanging from a pull up bar

Cool Down: Walking round the garden, stretching all the muscles I used

In total this session was about 30 minutes long. It was an all over body workout incorporating CV fitness and muscle conditioning.

Apart from the pull up bar for the hangs, I didn’t need any other equipment.

This proves you can improve or maintain fitness without having to go to the gym and need large areas of space.

Home exercise and fitness
Labrador standing on the bosu.
Fitness in the garden.
Haggis exercising her abs at home in the garden


My aim is to encourage you to keep moving during this time and beyond, even 10 minutes a day will help improve your mental well being and help your body feel less sluggish and blahhhhhhh. 🙁

Let me know how you get on and if you would like a more personalised / tailored approach, drop me a message and I will be happy to help.

Health benefits of walking everyday

Get outside, fill your lungs and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Heading home after walking the dog. I am out walking everyday with her.
Walking everyday

Health benefits of walking everyday

Did you know there are more health benefits of walking everyday. Read on to learn how walking can benefit you. I covered some of the benefits in a previous post. This post will give you more ways, walking will make you fitter, healthier and stronger.

General fitness

If your heart is stronger and working efficiently, your breathing capacity and fitness will also be improved. You will notice the difference in your breathing as it will be less laboured and heavy as you get fitter.

Muscles are attached to your bones and when the muscle contracts (shortens) it creates movement. The more you move the better quality muscle you will have. It will become firmer, more defined and you will be able to move for longer before you start to tire. An added bonus with this, is the change in your body shape, and you will notice that your clothes fit differently. Overall, you will look longer and leaner as well as feel fitter and happier.

No Impact

When you are walking, there is no impact or concussion on your body compared to jogging or running. One foot is always in contact with the ground. This means there is less wear and tear on your joints and you should not feel so sore.

Walking is good for bone health /density and can help to prevent the onset of osteoporosis.

A sensible pair of shoes, trainers or boots is a good investment. These will support your feet and help keep you feeling comfortable.

Mental Health

Getting outside and filling your lungs with some fresh air can help to rejuvenate the body and the mind. When I get stuck on a problem, if possible, I will get my boots on and go for a stomp over the fields! Invariably, Haggis (my black labrador dog) will come with me. If I am working away from home I will still go out and walk. Even if I walk 15 minutes in one direction and turn around and come back the same way, (definitely can’t get lost if I do that!) it all helps to clear my head.

This is one factor of good mental health. The ability to recognise when there is a problem and address it. For example, being stressed, feeling frustrated or angry at something or someone. So, the next time you start to feel like that, take yourself off and see how much it helps. If it is safe to do so, (please be aware of the traffic etc) you could always listen to music or a podcast, I do when I am out with Haggis walking across the fields of Cowfold. This is another great way to enhance your mood.


Health benefits of walking:

  • General fitness increases
  • Clothes fit better
  • Body shape changes
  • No impact on joints
  • Mental health improves

Hopefully, I have given you a few good quality reasons why you should get out and start walking. If you go for a regular walk, you will soon see the health benefits of walking even just 10 minutes a day.

Maybe I will see you out and about around Cowfold, you are bound to see me along the farm roads with my dog Haggis, please say hello or give us a wave!

All my contact details are on this page and if you would like to be kept up to date with more information and top tips, sign up to my newsletter.