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Different sport rackets and balls
The summer sporting season is in full swing, will you be staying on the pitch all summer or on the
Man asleep in bed.
Sleep- Are you a gold medalist or a runner up? Do you sleep peacefully or toss and turn all night
Showing someone with a headache. Pain shown in red across their forehead and temples . Self massage to relieve by rubbing temples.
Headaches! Delving deep into headaches and beyond. We have all had them to varying degrees, intensities and frequencies – yes
Hot or Cold Therapy? How to use them? I am often asked about this
Free give away in February
Win on Thursday throughout February 2021.
Massage Treatments
Are you on my VIP List yet? Have you missed your regular treatment? Pick up the phone and I'll add
What does chemotherapy mean? Drugs, treatment, cancer, often shortened to Chemo....
In line with the Live Longer and Stronger campaign I ran on my social media in August, my main aim
Kirsty Wales Mobile Massage Therapies
Covid19 August 2020 Update. Here is the important information you need to know and how it will affect your massage....
Do you have control of your bounce when exercising or does your bounce control the exercise you do? A sports
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