Alhydran SPF30 59ml


ALHYDRAN is a powerful moisture-regulating cream with high, SPF 30 UV protection. High-level sun protection and, at the same time, the results you have come to expect from ALHYDRAN. The ideal solution when you cannot avoid going in the sun.

  • High UV protection (SPF 30)
  • Less itching, pain and redness
  • Makes the skin soft and flexible
  • Actively reduces scars

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The use of high-quality ingredients, such as fresh Aloe Vera gel, ensures long-term skin hydration. An optimal combination of ingredients repairs the skin, reduces skin complaints and protects the skin from UV rays.

In addition to ALHYDRAN medical skin care, ALHYDRAN is now available with high UV protection. This is a logical development: It has long been known that UV rays can damage healthy skin.

It is therefore no surprise that the European directives for the aftercare of wounds and scars explicitly state that the damaged skin barrier needs to be protected against UV rays1. As the skin is at its most vulnerable at this stage.

ALHYDRAN SPF 30. The proven ‘3-in-1 formula’:

  • Good skin hydration
  • Skin barrier recovery
  • High protection against UV rays

Whether the weather is cloudy or sunny, the European directive is clear about aftercare of the damaged skin barrier: avoid the sun and regularly apply a cream with high UV protection. This treatment must be routinely followed with scars, in burn aftercare and after dermatological treatment like laser therapy, chemical peeling, actinic keratosis, etc.


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